About Us

At NES, we pride ourselves on providing only the best staff. NES was founded 25+ years ago, to fill a need, we found lacking in the service industry. We set a new standard in professional temporary staffing  The people we hire are only half the equation. Ensuring that we meet and exceed your needs, so  you can achieve your goals with our assitance is what we consider true success. NES has become the standard in the service staffing industry by adapting progressively to changes in the marketplace, paying attention to customer needs, investing in our employees and staying true to our values of trust, honesty, decency and mutual respect.

Whether you need contract talent for busy periods, seasonal peaks, employee absences, special projects or a permanent employee, NES has you covered.

When you think of your staffing needs, you want  qualified workers that will support your existing team and provide only the best service. In the current market it has become increasingly difficult to attract qualified applicants for service industry industry jobs.

Staffing for the constantly-changing service industry is difficult enough, and along with the labor shortage, it can be extremely challenging to keep up with demand.

This is why many professionals turn to us for support. NES provides quality well trained staff, without the hassle of interviewing and hiring.

NES will become your partner, one you can rely on. We appreciate our clients and employees, without you, there is no us.  Read on to learn more about how NES  staffing  can provide the solution to your current staffing needs. Call our office or fill out the form. We look forward to working with you.

Our Corporate Office

NES employees operate under a higher standard outlined by  National Executive Standard. When you hire NES you’re not just hiring an individual, your hiring a team.

Residential Management

NES believes in constant training and educating staff.  We offer numerous courses. Our classroom works well pre-meetings for large or special events.

Specialized Training

Managing household calendars and schedules, arranging appointments, scheduling and supervising home maintenance projects and completing any other requested administrative tasks.


NES officers not only take pride in their knowledge and skills but as well as their personal appearance and diplomacy when representing NES clients.