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About Us

We are here to serve you! Discover the skilled professionals driving our mission forward!

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Jon Dadko

Managing Director/Owner

  • About :
    When it comes to service, we expect only the best, and we believe our clients and your friends deserve even better than that. That's why we've crafted this company to cater to our clients every personal need. Experiencing prestigious country clubs, I recall a time defined by impeccable service. This concept of "Proper Service" isn't just a desire; it's an absolute necessity for our clients.

    Drawing from my experiences, which include ownership of numerous successful companies, including restaurants, and collaborations with individuals who embody professionalism, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards in every aspect of our endeavors.

    The bottom line is simple: When we couldn't find the level of service we wanted/deserved, we took it upon ourselves to create it. Allow us the privilege of extending this exceptional service to you.

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Melissa Pratt

Senior Staffing Director

  • About :
    Melissa has over a decade of dedication to NES, she stands steadfast on the front line, ensuring impeccable service. With an extensive background in hospitality spanning three decades, Melissa's expertise stretches from the Hamptons to Florida. As a seasoned former restaurant and catering owner, she understands that the service staff is pivotal in shaping our clients' event experiences from start to finish. While Melissa specializes in private residential service, she thrives on the challenge of orchestrating events for crowds as large as 500.
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John S.

Field Security Supervisor

  • About :
    John has dedicated over four decades to the fields of law enforcement and security, embodying a remarkable commitment to safeguarding communities. With extensive experience as a wildlife and marine officer, he has fearlessly confronted a myriad of challenges, including grappling with formidable alligators. Additionally, John's expertise extends to personal escort and diplomatic services, where his professionalism and unwavering dedication shine through in every task he undertakes.

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About us
A Legacy of Excellence

NESFL Private Services has been the gold standard in staffing for over 25 years. Born from a desire to elevate the service industry to a new standard, our legacy goes beyond merely hiring the best. Our success lies in symbiosis: empowering our clients to achieve their vision with our unparalleled support. Through the years, we've navigated market shifts with agility, deeply attuned to client aspirations and always investing in our workforce. Our foundation? Unwavering values of trust, honesty, and mutual respect.

About Us

In an era of unparalleled luxury, NESFL stands as your answer to the staffing challenges of today. From addressing seasonal spikes, special projects, or even filling a permanent role, we deliver elite talent tailored to your needs. The modern service industry landscape, with its evolving demands and scarce qualified applicants, necessitates a partner of distinction. Choose NESFL for meticulously trained staff without the recruitment hassle. We pride ourselves on forging enduring partnerships, understanding that our success is intertwined with yours. Discover the NESFL difference and let us elevate your staffing solutions. Reach out and let's embark on this journey of excellence together.